This week the Stroud based photography company Stand Out Studio is celebrating its first year in business.

Carl Hewlett, director and photographer at Stand Out Studio, made the move to The Old Convent, Stroud after setting up the business at Bond's Mill, Stonehouse in July 2017.

“The first year of trading for any new business is tough but in a market as competitive as photography you really have to put in the work,” said Carl, 30.

“In the past I’ve seen photography studios set up in Gloucestershire only to fail in the first six months, so for me reaching this milestone is a real achievement.”

“I launched Stand Out Studio as a photography solution for SMEs and local independent traders who are looking to promote their brand or business with unique and affordable photography rather than using unimaginative generic stock images.”

Since moving to a more central location within the Stroud District Carl has worked with a whole host of clients across Gloucestershire.

“In the past few months the commercial work here in the studio has become very diverse. I’ve photographed everything from editorial fashion features to indulgent cakes, even sheep shearing equipment and exploding oranges.”

“I’ve also been working out on location shooting hotel interiors for a client based in Canada as well as photographing behind the scenes stills for an upcoming TV series.”

“The first year has flown by and I’m excited to see what the second year of trading has in store for Stand Out Studio needless to say my passion for creating unique images is stronger than ever.”

**As a special celebration of our first year of trading, Stand Out Studio is offering a 10% discount to all commercial photo shoots booked between 11th July and 11th August, 2018.**