Stand Out Studio were very busy last week photographing products for Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd

Lister Shearing manufactures a range of sheep-shearing equipment and animal clippers. Its horse clippers include mains clippers, battery-operated clippers and trimmers. There is also a wide range of clipping blades to suit all conditions and requirements.

Lister Shearing is based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, and is a subsidiary of the Wahl Clipper Corporation. Sheep-shearing and animal clippers have been designed and manufactured in Gloucestershire for over 100 years and are distributed worldwide.

Stand Out Studio director Carl Hewlett was tasked with photographing around 50 of Lister's products for advertising and e-commerce use. All of the items were shot from various angles using creative lighting techniques to highlight the form and key details of each product. 

Once everything had been shot in the studio it was into the editing suite for post production. There are many ways to cut out images in post production and hand drawing clipping paths is time consuming but it is the most accurate and effective method. With the path saved in the file the images can be easily used in a variety of ways by the client and their marketing or design team .

50 items professionally photographed from four different angles - that's 200 images with hand drawn clipping paths, captioned with the client's item numbers for easy search, delivered as high quality uncompressed files within six working days.

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