Stand Out Studio provided new head shots to the team at Gloucestershire based video production firm MMOUK.

Stand Out Studio director Carl Hewlett was hired to photograph MMOUK's director Andrew Longhurst, along with video editor Mike Bale, to provide headshots for their new look website.

MMOUK provide video production in Gloucestershire and further afield, creating high quality video content across a wide range of business sectors throughout the UK. On-site, on location filming is complemented by their in-house green screen and audio studio.

The team have skills in animation, motion graphics and CGI, which enables them to add special effects that can give assets the wow factor – fire, rain, smoke, Heads-Up-Displays, lens flares, shadows, 3D environments and photorealistic models. From a luxury office to a space station or another planet, from a plain white background to a prolific and verdant jungle clearing or desert scene – if you can imagine it, they can bring it to life.