Stand Out Studio worked with fashion designer Emilee Kim during a recent photo shoot.

Emily is the founder of Shokushu Boutique, a unique Cosplay/Kawaii/East Asian culture inspired custom latex online store. 

Emily has made and customised clothes since she was 16. After studying in the UK for three years she acquired a BA in Fashion Design in 2013 and moved to London, where she worked with celebrity stylist Alexis Knox. She then worked with the Cyberdog Design team before breaking free to spread cute latex to the world!

We began the shoot in the studio before moving into the former chapel at The Old Convent in Stroud, a space we've visited before but never had to opportunity to use as a photographic location. The variation in tone between neon latex and the dark traditional building makes for visually pleasing images!

See more from the shoot in the BTS video below.