We welcomed fitness guru Justin Mace into the studio last week. Justin required professionally photographed images for his new fitness and health blog The Vigorous Man.

"I am 46-years-old and less than 10% body fat," said Justin. "I'm starting this blog on the back of what I have learned with over 30 years of self-education and experience."

The brief was to capture key images showing muscle definition, and general physique along with some for future promotions and a selection of profile head shots.

Stand Out Studio photographer Carl Hewlett used several lighting techniques during the session to create a selection of striking physique images in the studio. Strong contrast in the highlights and shadows is key for showing clear definition in the muscle groups. Photographed on a storm grey background the images work particularly well in a matte black and white style. 

Several poses and compositions were photographed to build up a library of images for use on the Vigorous Man blog in the coming months. If you want to get/stay in great shape take a look Justin's blog here: The Vigorous Man

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