Visual Consultancy

Image curating and selection to improve the usage of photography for web or in print


Images capture our imagination and help us understand context without needing to read the fine print. We can help curate the best content from your existing library or discuss new imagery that will help with image flow and narrative for your brand.


Print is not dead, it has evolved and although circulations have decreased in recent years your target audience may still be engaging with printed publications. We'll help you to improve your images for print, selecting the best options for press releases, magazines and advertising.


The benefits of an engaged social media community that shares, likes and retweets your images are impossible to overstate. We'll help select pictures from your existing collection and suggest new image ideas and formats that will engage your desired audience.

“People remember only 10% of information three days after hearing it, on average; adding a picture can improve recall to 65%”

Technical Consultancy

Educating content creators to improve their photography skills

DSLR Training

Training for any individual or marketing team that uses a DSLR. Get out of auto mode and use your camera with manual settings to take control become more creative with your photography.

Mobile Photography

Most content creators use a camera phone to create their content on a day-to-day basis. Use our hints and tips to improve your images along with easy hacks and inexpensive accessories.

Image Creation

People often confuse camera skills with photographic technique. Knowing your camera inside out is useless unless you know what works in front of the lens to tell a story or captivate your audience.

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